The Department of Home Affairs has recently disseminated a notice to Australian exporters titled Export Air Cargo is changing on 1 March 2019 highlighting that it is less than 2 months until March 1st when export air cargo, regardless of destination, will need to be examined at a piece count level, or originate from a Known Consignor. If you have not received a copy of this please email and we will be happy to provide you with a copy.

At the time of posting there are only 11 companies with Accredited Examination Facilities in Australia, and less than 200 companies countrywide listed as Known Consignors. The cost of X-ray screening equipment is very expensive and requires a reasonably large warehouse footprint. It also comes with a 6 month delivery lead time, by the time the order is placed and training is complete. Hence, very few freight companies have invested in screening equipment.

It is extremely important to understand that anyone not listed as a Known Consignor will be subject to screening at origin (at either a third party screening facility, or an airline facility) at a piece count level, whether the cargo is homogenous or palletised at time of tendering to us. Delays and additional costs should be anticipated, and exporters should be mindful that shipments will probably sit longer on the ground, prior to uplift, than would normally be expected under the current regulations, and plan accordingly.