March 1st sees a major Industry development in terms of our changing National Air Cargo Screening regulations. All export air cargo, regardless of destination, will need to be screened prior to departure, unless the cargo originates from an approved Known Consignor. For general cargo, X-ray will be the primary screening method, with Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) being the secondary screening option for cargo that cannot be X-rayed due to size, or other reasons, such as sensitivity to X-ray.

All of the airlines, forwarders with screening equipment, and screening depots have now issued their charges for screening services. Please contact us for our a copy of our National Export Air Cargo Screening Tariff which will cover all of the depots and airlines we tender cargo to for export on a National basis.

The new legislation dictates that cargo must be “homogenous” for consolidated screening. As an example, a pallet full of computer monitors and keyboards would not be considered homogenous (and would therefore need to be screened at a piece-count level) a pallet of monitors alone would be classified as homogenous, and could therefore be screened as one piece, and need not be broken down. Where cargo is tendered to us palletised and cannot be deemed homogenous, the cargo must be broken down and screened at a piece count level, and the costs to X-ray and re-pack the pallet are also listed on the above mentioned tariff.

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