If you need help with importing or exporting a motor vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

About MGL Vehicle Logistics

MGL is a market leader in the motor vehicle shipping industry, and offers car importers regular services from Japan, the USA and the UK into Australia.

We offer both the seller and the buyer total security, and act on your behalf to ensure a smooth, secure business transaction. MGL offers competitive car shipping rates to both individuals, and the experienced car dealer.

By taking care of all the many issues involved in shipping vehicles from “A” to “B”, our customers have total peace of mind as far as costs are concerned, and are free to concentrate on their core business while we remove all of the concerns and hassles associated with the management of your shipment.

So, whether you are shipping cars from Japan, shipping cars from the USA, or shipping cars from the UK, call us at MGL on 02 9700 0100.

If you are a first time importer we suggest you go straight to the following page (Importing a Car) and review what you need to do to start the process of importing your motor vehicle.

Again, if you have any questions, or need any advice, please call us on 02 9700 0100.